In an effort to keep customers updated we have added a resource page to provide an additional source of information for you to stay current on news and events.  From the Resources section you can get to the last 4 quarters of newsletters that have been distributed.  You can also see the events we are hosting and attending.  Some examples of what you will find on the Events page: monthly webinar training schedule and topics, state wslr conferences and dates, User Conference dates, and Wholesaler Advisory Team Meeting dates.

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I can see what’s going on in multiple branches from multiple locations no matter where I am.

Michael Belote "Southwest Distributors, Inc."
With Intervolve, we now see only a 0.01% difference between the warehouse inventory and our standalone financial systems across all of our locations, something that we have never been able to do before. With 5 locations, no other system can do this, much less pull it off completely electronically.
Will Dorminy "Southern Eagle Distributing"