Bridge is the retail survey collection tool designed to help distributors effectively collect Tap and Display data.  Bridge allows the user to collect Taps and Display data with ease.  Using ‘location services’ the system automatically presents the nearest retail accounts so the user does not have to search for their retail accounts.  When selecting a retail account, the user is presented with the top surveyed brands listed first, making the data collection process quick and easy.  Increased efficiency during the data collection process by reducing the time to collect data, results in more time available to spend on the selling process

In addition to Tap and Display data, you can also create surveys to collect data that is unique to your business needs.

Bridge auto syncs after the data collection process wherever you have a cellular connection, making the information available for analysis sooner.  On screen indicators tell the user which surveys have been synced so they know what data is available for analysis.

Analysis using standard reports can be done from the office or market as soon as survey data is available.  If you need customized reports, our team of experts is available to guide you through the custom reporting process




With Intervolve, we now see only a 0.01% difference between the warehouse inventory and our standalone financial systems across all of our locations, something that we have never been able to do before. With 5 locations, no other system can do this, much less pull it off completely electronically.

Will Dorminy "Southern Eagle Distributing"
I can see what's going on in multiple branches from multiple locations no matter where I am.
Michael Belote "Southwest Distributors, Inc."