ABInBev 2013 ISV Certification

​The RAS module of DistributionSuite™ meets all technical and functional requirements for the 2013 ABInBev ISV Certification.

We went through the 2013 certification requirements and ensured that our software was compliant across all of our functionality. The result of this review and effort on our part is currently available for purchase or upgrade in RAS version 6.2

For a list of release notes related to version 6.2 of RAS click here

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I can see what’s going on in multiple branches from multiple locations no matter where I am.

Michael Belote "Southwest Distributors, Inc."
With Intervolve, we now see only a 0.01% difference between the warehouse inventory and our standalone financial systems across all of our locations, something that we have never been able to do before. With 5 locations, no other system can do this, much less pull it off completely electronically.
Will Dorminy "Southern Eagle Distributing"