Intervolve, Inc. was founded in 1999 by individuals with technical expertise in and knowledge of the beer industry.  In 2001 DistributionSuite™, a business intelligence and retail execution tool for beer wholesalers, was released.  The product revolutionized the industry, and today DistributionSuite is being used by beer, wine, spirit, and other beverage distributors.  Intervolve quickly developed a reputation for technical innovation, high levels of customer satisfaction and well-designed products that enabled users to more efficiently and effectively manage their operations.

Intervolve’s Route Accounting System (RAS) was introduced to the market in 2005.  Throughout its history, Intervolve has augmented its commercial product line with implementation, training and development services related to its products.

Intervolve’s strategic focus remains on delivering value-added software and services to the beverage industry, relying on product innovation, market awareness, and customer satisfaction.  Intervolve’s community of users actively participates in the development of new releases ensuring that the company’s products and services are market driven. 

Intervolve headquarters are located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Case Studies

I can see what’s going on in multiple branches from multiple locations no matter where I am.

Michael Belote "Southwest Distributors, Inc."
With Intervolve, we now see only a 0.01% difference between the warehouse inventory and our standalone financial systems across all of our locations, something that we have never been able to do before. With 5 locations, no other system can do this, much less pull it off completely electronically.
Will Dorminy "Southern Eagle Distributing"